Welcome To Aaryan International School

Here children see a world filled with beauty here they see filled with possibilities Here their dreams are born nurtured and fulfilled" Aaryan International School is a co-educational Senior Secondary School recognized by Directorate of Education and is Affiliated to C.B.S.E under All India 10+2 scheme in Science, Commerce and Humanities. A.I.S.'s focusing value, integrity, strength has been serving the society in the field of education with the motto "Service Before Self" with its constant endeavors in all round development of children. The school's aim is to empower students to shape future. To help them realize their full potential students will develop during their time with us. We will stand them is good dead for the rest of the 'Distinctive Indian Personality'.

Director's Message

As the Managing Director of A.I.S. I have the fortune of nurturing the future of children. I am overwhelmed with the role I have to play for crafting a better society. With the school's state of the art infrastructure and excellent staff, I am more than confident that A.I.S. will not only produce scholars but responsible and culturally awakened citizens, on whose able shoulders will rest the edifice of a strong, united and progressive India.I believe that education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with and open one. I at this unique institution, encourage and promote our staff to wok openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect to achieve academic skills. Read More

Principal's Message

"Education to be complete must be humane. It must include not only the training of intellect but also the refinement of heart & the discipline of the spirit." As the principal of the institution my mission is to meet the requirements of times and to provide opportunities to nurture intelligence, creatively and excellence. My mission is to build a student with strong character and qualities, so he could be able to enter the real world. We prepare them in school like a "miniature of the society". With broad aim of developing, I would spare no pains in taking all possible steps to enhance learning with equal emphasis on academics, values and co-curricular activities inclusive of sports and games. Read More

Our Vision

Aaryan International School as one of the premier educational institution, aspireto develop young minds to be prepared for the challenges of a dynamic world, to make them compassionate individuals, and to motivate them to effect meaningful changes.

"a vision without action is a dream action without vision is a waste of time but vision with action can change our life/lives". The school aims at holistic development of students through multifarious activities related to personal and social development. The education system aims at catering to the needs of today's scenario where the key word is globalization. Apart from academic emphasis, development of an individual self is deemed more important to complete in today's world. Various co-curricular activities are organized to evaluate various faculties. The students are divided into four houses to foster a healthy spirit of competition. Read More

Our Mission

To encourage students to be responsive, reflective, and collaborative thus preparing them as lifelong learners and ethical citizens within a democratic society and global community.

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