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Mrs. Pooja Balyan


As the Managing Director of A.I.S. I have the fortune of nurturing the future of children. I am overwhelmed with the role I have to play for crafting a better society. With the school's state of the art infrastructure and excellent staff, I am more than confident that A.I.S. will not only produce scholars but responsible and culturally awakened citizens, on whose able shoulders will rest the edifice of a strong, united and progressive India.

I believe that education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with and open one. I at this unique institution, encourage and promote our staff to wok openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect to achieve academic skills and round development of children in every sphere of education/life.

I strongly believe that future belongs to those who dare to face the challenges of 'Today'. We have started this organization with an aim to provide opportunities to nurture intelligence, activeness and excellence. We ensure that the parents and guardians of the students, entering is our school, that they will be fully laced, with all abilities to start towards a bright future. A fully development child in all aspects is our product. We are committed to provide your child a friendly, fearless and enthusiastic environment for the best teaching-learning process. Above all I just want to say SEND YOUR CHILD TO US WITH AND OBJECTIVE AND TAKE HIM WITH AN 'AIM'.

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