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Mohd Imran

Principal (Officiating)

"Education to be complete must be humane. It must include not only the training of intellect but also the refinement of heart & the discipline of the spirit."

As the principal of the institution my mission is to meet the requirements of times and to provide opportunities to nurture intelligence, creatively and excellence. My mission is to build a student with strong character and qualities, so he could be able to enter the real world. We prepare them in school like a "miniature of the society". With broad aim of developing, I would spare no pains in taking all possible steps to enhance learning with equal emphasis on academics, values and co-curricular activities inclusive of sports and games.

As an educationist, I feel that the greatest contribution one can make to the society is to prepare the citizen of tomorrow to be honest, upright and visionaries. Successful men are the ones who make a mark in this world and make an impact on the society. Success, however, does not come in one day, it take a sound value sound education, a clear mission and a far-reaching vision.

I am proud to announce that our institution has the utmost dedicated and hard working administration, highly qualified & experienced staff whom joint efforts have brought the students to the highest level of excellence in every sphere of education.

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